Monday, May 13, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

layout it all out...

Since being here at the Ro.Co. I've been able to take a dip into the layout side of things. To me its similar to fitting together a large puzzle :)

Anyway here are some PDF's of the three pages I've done :)


Soooo.....I've kinda moved.

So I know I really suck and haven't updated in like the past oh 7 months. I apologize to any avid followers I have.

I left the Richmond Register in March-- and started my new job in April as the main photographer at the Roane County News in Kingston, TN. The Ro.Co. is a tri-weekly newspaper covering all of Roane County and is a Landmark Community newspaper.

I'm enjoying the change of scenery so far! I have cows in my back yard, live in a holler, and walk around the huge lake in town as the sun sets almost each day. :) As much as I miss Kentucky and being closer to home- I know this move is good for me to grow as a photographer and for myself.

ANYWAY-- here are some from the past month :)